What is Wing Chun?

Wing Chun PhotoWing Chun is one of the most popular Chinese martial arts. Originally a fighting skill, today it is used fro self -defence, personal development, health benefits and fun.

The skill is based on the principle of using an opponent’s energy in order to control and overcome them. It does not require strength or power, instead using sensitivity and footwork in order to be effective. It is suitable for both women and men whatever their natural build and energy.

Regular practice of Wing Chun helps develop relaxation, strong legs, self confidence and mental strength. Its principles can be applied in everyday situations to solve problems and deal with stress.

Origins of Wing Chun

The skill comes from the Buddhist southern Shaolin temple some 400 years ago. It is named after a lady (Yim Wing Chun) who learnt the skill from a Shaolin Abbess. The skill was passed down to the late Grand-master Ip Man who made the skill famous worldwide. Today Ip Man’s eldest son, Grand-master Ip Chun, based in Hong Kong, continues his father’s teachings.